For centuries, healers among us have studied, experimented and even perfected the use of Earth’s natural elements to heal the body. While crystal healing is becoming trendy in the wellness arena, an often overlooked but ancient practice can be just as effective for spiritual healing of the body and mind: sound healing.

Sound healing is the use of frequencies and vibrations to recentre and tune up one’s inner balance. There are many ways to practice sound healing – from as simple as using your own voice or music, to gong baths, drums, Himalayan bowls and tuning forks.

But how exactly can sound lead to spiritual healing? Holistic healer and expert in sound healing Holistic Ruby said: “Sound is one of the most powerful tools we have in healing the body. Each organ, each gland and each body part works at an optimal level within a definable frequency. We use both the voice and instruments to create pure notes and intervals to clear, sedate, boost or balance energy in order to bring the body back to health and optimal order.”

Sound healing is performed in mindful and intentional sessions, similar to therapy. A popular form of sound healing is the gong bath. The gong is an ancient instrument that has been used for thousands of years in eastern civilisations for healing and spiritual work performed in temples, pyramids and other sacred spaces. According to Holistic Ruby: “Most of the early examples of gongs are made of the seven metals representing the planets of our solar system the same as the sacred Tibetan bells and bowls. They were made in sacred space in a sacred way and were treated with great reverence.”

Gong baths are a form of sound healing in which the gong master strikes the gong to create powerful sound waves, performed for a group or in a one-on-one session. It is thought that by absorbing these gong notes and reverberating in the sound, one can enter an alternative form of consciousness and be bathed in sound, which produces profound relaxation that causes healing effects for the mind, body and soul.

Another type of sound healing is through the voice. Voice healing uses the human voice as the instrument to healing. It too has ancient roots, used by Hindu swamis, Tibetan monks and Siberian shamans for thousands of years for the purpose of healing. Voice healing is particularly effective because: “the human voice is the most versatile instrument ever designed and has the ability to reproduce any sound we can hear,” said Holistic Ruby. In addition to performing voice healing sessions, she is also an accredited sound healing practitioner, teaching others the skills of voice healing.

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