my story

All of us suffer trauma or Dis-ease at some point in our life, some more than others, this is the human condition. My life consisted of far more trauma than most people will experience in their life time, but it was most rewarding as I received special gifts with each trauma I dealt with, forgave and cleared.I started my healing journey when it was brought to my attention that my continued poor choices and destructive behavioral patterns were leading to obstacles in many areas of my life. I embraced my inner healing journey… remove these obstacles, which guided me further and further into my life where I dealt with traumas, misconceived thought patterns and emotional upsets. By addressing them on my healing journey it has allowed me to break cyclical behavioural patterns and to rewrite my karma allowing peace, balance, harmony, joy, love and trust back into my life, to reveal what I would like to think is a truer me to shine through.

During this process, it was a privilege to experience some truly wonderful – even magical therapies from some of the kindest, most loving people you could wish to meet. It was this beautiful, if at times painful, journey that inspired me to study and learn these therapies whilst developing my skills across various areas to bring my experience to you, with the sole purpose of giving back to others that which I had received, To offer my experience and help you make the change from the life you currently lead, to the one that will ultimately be healthier and more fulfilling for you on an emotional, mental and physical level, or just help you find positive ways to cope with the numerous situations life can throw at us. Working around you and your individual needs I can help bring about the transition you want, aligned with sensible achievable goals, making our time together fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

The two biggest breakthroughs on my healing journey have been connecting with compassion and forgiveness for myself and others, which has allowed the restoration of harmony and flow back into my life thus allowing me to connect with and fulfil my soul’s purpose in this incarnation. Throughout my healing journey, I have connected with the mantra “physician heal thy self”.

My name is Ruby and I’m the founder of Holistic Ruby. I have clients all over the UK whom I work with on various levels, tailored to their individual needs. I’m passionate about what I do and it’s my fundamental belief that we should all consider the mind, body and soul as a whole when trying to make a life change. I also believe everyone can and should be able to heal and reach their full potential. My experiences in life have enabled me to develop empathy and relate to most situations my clients may or have experienced.


" I have been working with Ruby for some time and have seen some significant changes in my day to day wellbeing. The wonderful thing about working with Ruby is that I continue to have new and magical experiences in my healing journey. "

A May 2022

" I’ve been having regular healing sessions with Ruby. As I don’t live in UK, all of the sessions have been done via Zoom. When we started, I wasn’t sure how it’s going to look like and if it will feel as good as during the regular, in person session, but I have to say Ruby and her abilities blew my mind. "

K Gutkowska 2020

I loved discovering how I can connect to my ancestors and how to heal things that might still be influencing me and my family now. I’ve never really felt like I belong but doing this course changed that. "

Ancesteral Workshop - K Gutkowska 2020

" With Ruby, we have been able to get to the root cause of a number of persistent feelings and patterns of behaviour and I have gained knowledge and strategies to help me cope in a better way. Ruby has been so helpful and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services."

A MAY 2020

" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018


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