What is your Tonic for Life?

The modern world can be a very demanding for us on the Physical / Emotional & Mental level leaving us feeling overwhelmed & drained resulting in us unfulfilled with life.

To support the day to day stresses there are many disciplines that can support the individual to restore equanimity back into the human condition thus allowing us to resolve / feel supported from Breath Work, Mindfulness, Mantra Therapy, Walking meditation, using our own voice for therapeutic healing work and so much more thus allowing us to connect back with the joys of life.

These group sessions will be delivered over a 9 week period with weekly sessions, providing you with various tools that you can apply to your life each week and connect with on a deeper level for you to Master and discover what your personal Tonic for life is to ensure you have the tools to combat the demands of the modern world.

The benefit of joining these group sessions are that ultimately you will walk away with several golden nuggets to enrich your life, ultimately becoming the master of your destiny. Noticing first hand for yourself the benefits of the trickling effect the 9 week programme will have in all aspects of your life leaving you feeling more fulfilled personally to improved relationships, career satisfaction, increased energy levels and so much more.

The program will be launched in Autumn 2018 please do email to register your interest and receive further information


" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018


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