ancestral healing workshop

This two day workshop is designed to heal our ancestral male and female lines to heal family trauma and remove obstacles stopping our family from functioning in a loving manner.

Esoteric teachings state that we are part our father part our mother and a big part ourselves, this refers to our male and female lineage our male and female ancestors. During our incarnation in this dualistic play we call life there arise many scenarios for conflict and forgiveness. This could simply be marrying outside our social group our faith or culture or the other extreme of murdering a family member, they can all cause a break in our ancestral line. We get clues showing us if ancestral healing is needed by looking for bad-habits and patterns that seem to be passed down from generation to generation.

During this weekend we will travel down both the father and the mother line to forgive and heal any transgression asking them to return to the fold and bring back their strengths and gifts to the family line. This work can be very powerful to us as participants, also to family members whom are not even present. Many of us have bad-habits, as do family members and we try to break them but no matter how hard we try, just can’t. This work is often the secret catalyst that helps give us the strength to break these cycles.

Being brought up in modern Britain the term ancestor has no more reverence or respect other than our dead relatives and limited to knowing not to speak ill of the dead or spoken platitudes such as ‘they are always with you’, ‘they will always love you’ and ‘they are looking down on you’, to those that missed the love and council of the departed. It is far from the deep respect, even worship of those whom believe that we are all connected through an ancestral lineage, a time scape we are part of and can access and draw upon to gain the power, love and wisdom learnt by our own ancestors.

This probably stems from a misconception that we are only a human being, a physical body. We are far more than that, we are spiritual being’s having a human existence, our human physical bodies, our vehicles in this physical incarnation are self-projected holograms and a product of everything we have done, have thought or has been done to us in every life time. We incarnate in what we call soul groups akin to each group member being a facet of a huge multifaceted diamond. We keep on incarnating as different facets. We come back as each other’s mother father sister brother uncle aunt nephew niece friend foe lover enemy victim or perpetrator in an invisible play we call life to act out dualistic scenario’s where we can learn to love and forgive each other to the point that the whole group gains ascension and no longer needs to incarnate on this earthly plain. This is a very simplistic over view when in fact life is a multi-dimensional web of soul groups and soul contracts on a family, country and worldly or human level where we are all part of this school we call earth slowly learning to love everything and everyone.

When we understand that we are spiritual beings in a physical body, the car is our physical body the driver is our spiritual body, we can then start to think out of the box. Our spiritual body, our light body, our energy body is really what we are. Science states that everything in our universe is made of the same material, everything is made of energy, we can neither create nor destroy energy. We can then take a leap and see how there is no such thing as death. Our physical body withers and returns to the earth, ashes to ashes dust to dust but our spiritual body continues to exist just on a different plain or dimension if we have done our earthly work, if not we just reincarnate again in another body. We are the part of us we are aware of in dream states, the part we see in out of body experiences whilst on operating tables or under the influence of other strong psychoactive drugs or sacraments, the part we see in near death experiences, the part we see in deep meditation or on shamanic journeys, we are our consciousness. To quote Descartes ‘I think therefore I am’, a very profound statement as it refers to the self projectedness of mind and all that exists.


" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018

ancestral workshop prices, duration & dates

Dual Teaching Zoom or In Person

TWO DAYS | £250


18th & 19th November 2023 | TIME:10am to 6pm Both Days  



16 Woodgate Drive,
London SW16 5YP

5 minute walk from Streatham Common
Direct links to Streatham Common:
London Victoria 20 mins,
London Bridge 25 mins, Balham 5 mins.