support group

This midweek meditation using crystals and sound is perfect for beginners and intermediates, anyone receiving healing or doing any of my courses. A wonderful midweek boost to help with stress, inspiration, motivation and much more.

The meditations take place in a safe sacred space away from our everyday life giving us time to reflect, contemplate and recharge allowing communication from our higher selves or guides, with healing and wisdom occurring in the moments of peace. Each month the meditation will be different, accessing the multiple realms, dimensions, inner and outer, above and below worlds. The solar, lunar and planetary energies will be taken into account as well as the group dynamic to ensure we work with the synchronicities of the universe.

A different crystal mandala will be created each month to reflect the energies we will be working with for the meditation and healing we receive.

The meditations used will connect us to the spirits of different dimensions, Arch Angels, Faeries, power animals/allies, God and Goddess’s, Ascended Masters, nature spirits, crystal divas and mythical creatures and more when the occasion arises. We will be working with dreams, numerology, card decks, astrology, Feng shui and sound. This is all basically what we call the esoteric teachings of our ancestors, the secrets of the multiverse the truths that were kept from the ordinary person so as to keep them subjugated and under the rule of fear.


" I have been working with Ruby for some time and have seen some significant changes in my day to day wellbeing. The wonderful thing about working with Ruby is that I continue to have new and magical experiences in my healing journey. "

A May 2022

" I’ve been having regular healing sessions with Ruby. As I don’t live in UK, all of the sessions have been done via Zoom. When we started, I wasn’t sure how it’s going to look like and if it will feel as good as during the regular, in person session, but I have to say Ruby and her abilities blew my mind. "

K Gutkowska 2020

I loved discovering how I can connect to my ancestors and how to heal things that might still be influencing me and my family now. I’ve never really felt like I belong but doing this course changed that. "

Ancesteral Workshop - K Gutkowska 2020

" With Ruby, we have been able to get to the root cause of a number of persistent feelings and patterns of behaviour and I have gained knowledge and strategies to help me cope in a better way. Ruby has been so helpful and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services."

A MAY 2020

" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018

group support session prices, duration & dates

Online via Zoom

DURATION 120 minutes | £35 per session

2nd Wednesday of each Month



16 Woodgate Drive,
London SW16 5YP

5 minute walk from Streatham Common
Direct links to Streatham Common:
London Victoria 20 mins,
London Bridge 25 mins, Balham 5 mins.