elemental energy workshop

This five part, one day workshop will be held over a full year to work with the seasons. We will be working with the western system dictating the elements for the season, earth winter north, air spring east, fire summer south and, water autumn west. This is not because I feel this tradition is any better than the North American Medicine wheel or the Chinese elemental system, indeed we will explore these valid traditions as well, it is just a place to start.

In nearly all esoteric, spiritual and shamanic traditions everything in our physical earthly world is made of the four elements and manifest by the 5th more etheric element, spirit. Nothing that lives and grows in our world, us included, exists without these elements in some form of relationship. Now as to how they and we grow, how long we all live and how we all function, is very much dependent on how all these elements are balanced.

Each of the elements have specific function, behave according to set laws, relate to the basic lower five chakras and are governed by very old intelligent spiritual beings that are known as elementals. These beings have an age and intelligence we have no comprehension of. They have been written about in faerie tales, cartoons, folk lore and poems throughout history.

This topic is in five, one day` workshops and is designed as the first step of a spiritual journey, each workshop can also be done on their own especially if we know we need balance with one specific element. If we compare our development to building a pyramid, the base has four corners corresponding to one of the four elements. If we start off at one corner and go round in a sort of circle to the next corner then the next then the next building a strong base from which to grow, moving up to the next level doing the same, then the next level, then the next and the next, we trace out a nicely balanced upward traveling spiral. If for any reason any of the corners that support the pyramid are not balanced or strong enough eventually the pyramid will collapse. This is pretty much how our lives work, depending on how balanced the four elements are in our world will reflect how chaotic, stressful or rewarding our life is.

This workshop is designed to give us the keys and tools to bring more balance back to our life to allow synchronicity, harmony and flow to once again manifest. We get a second chance to build the pyramid to experience heaven on earth.


" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018

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DATES: Starting Autumn 2021


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5 minute walk from Streatham Common
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