holistic accredited courses

Each accredited course will give the participant compassionate support and guidance through the learning process, combining equal knowledge and wisdom,  receiving a certificate or diploma  recognized by practice insurers on completion of the course. There is the experiential part to each modality and how far or deep you wish to explore this area is entirely up to each individual. It is designed to be an amazing journey for all, whether you just want to know more about yourself, heal yourself, family and friends or start a new career. They also come with a warning, ‘caution, this may really change your life’. There is also the bonus you will meet some likeminded people, maybe even make some long friendships. I look forward to our paths meeting.


Sound Healing
Practitioner Training


Learn to understand the healing power of the voice. Remove blockages from the voice. Learn sacred chants from different spiritual traditions Balance the chakras with vowel sounds. Use sound for meditation. And much more…

Training with a COSH (The College of Sound Healing) tutor. 

angelic reiki®


This is an amazing experience, giving you a direct link to the Angelic Kingdom to begin or deepen your connection with the angels. The power of each workshop provides you with an opportunity for a life transforming experience. Finish with gifts and tools to use personally or share with friends / family or professionally if you are guided to do so.

new shamballa


 A five day workshop where you will be attuned to The 13 dimensions of creation and to the Energy of Unconditional Love of each of the 13 dimensions. This workshop confirms the participant as a multi-dimensional healer where you will receive a work book and certificate.


Merkabah of Creation


A workshop taught in two parts – which is still fiercely guarded in secret societies today.

Expect your mind to be energised by this creative force and all that is in your mind to be powerfully externalised in the outer world.

What is the gift of Merkabah? The ability to create your own reality.


Shamanic Practitioner Training


A four-day immersion into the practices and principles of facilitating shamanic healing. Although the term Shamanic healing is a relative modern term coined in America that refers to the Siberian Shaman of north eastern Europe, the energetic work is very similar to that practiced by the north American Indians.


" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018


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