the munay-ki rites

The word Munay comes from the Quechua people of Peru and basically means “I love you as you are”.

The Munay-Ki rites are the nine rites of initiation of the Peruvian, Quechua medicine people. The rites have been around for tens of thousands of years being passed only to those that had made great sacrifice in their life and used the power for the healing of their communities and the earth. Although these rites are very specific to the Quechua medicine people they are very similar to initiation rites found in all shamanic cultures around the world since the beginning of time. The rites were only passed to the initiate from spirit after much inner work, sacrifice and dedication. It is only recently that the rites have been allowed to be transmitted from human to human, teacher to student, with the ninth rite only being received in the summer of 2006 by the Inka elders.

The forks can be played in the aura around the body or in cases of painful blockages the handle or base of the fork is placed on the body until energy flow is once again reinstated. The tuning forks are used in one to one sessions to bring balance back to the recipient.

core curriculum

There are nine rites that are received in two parts.

part 1

The 1st rite, Bands of Power
The 2nd rite, Healers Rite
The 3rd rite, Harmony Rites

There is a period of time between the next six rites to allow for the integration of these rites so as not to over load the individual as they clear their energy field of anything that isn’t for their highest good and purpose, making a clear vessel for part 2.

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part 2

The 4th rite, Seer Rites
The 5th rite, Day keeper Rites
The 6th rite, Wisdom keeper Rites
The 7th rite, Earth keeper Rites
The 8th rite, Star keeper Rite
The 9th rite, Creator Rite

As with all traditions just how far you drop down into service, how fully you integrate these last 6 rites will be a gauge as to how you gain Christ and Buddha consciousness and if you acquire stewardship for all of creation and all the responsibility that comes with it.

DATES 2023:


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