multidimensional healing

We might not be familiar with the term Multidimensional Healing but, it has been used in temples, pyramids and ashrams by priests and adepts, by indigenous shaman and healers all round the world for thousands of years.

Multidimensional healing gives us the ability to break the shackles of ignorance, dis-ease, depression, addiction and negativity, to really change our lives, to make them far more rewarding and enjoyable. We have the ability to create anything we want to, we can create a more equal world, a fairer world, a world without dis-ease, a world with love and compassion for all sentient beings, all living creatures on this planet. We can do the impossible, we can create heaven on earth. We know it is us, the individual that will change this, one by one, until we reach the hundred monkey moment, the tipping point…

…where the whole of human consciousness will work towards a unified world away from greed and personal wealth, away from the narcissistic me myself and I, where we can all know our divinity and be part of this Golden age that all of creation has been working towards for thousands of years.

We are spiritual beings having a human existence, with spiritual or spirit being a term for energy. We have a dense physical body, our vehicle in this incarnation, but we also have an energy body or field, very loosely similar to the driver of the car (this is actually more akin to our soul) our energy field is outside our physical body like a group of Russian dolls, layer upon layer of ever finer subtle energy emanating outwards for around three meters. The energy bodies interphase with the physical body at the Chakras and is distributed around the internal body by Meridians. Spiritual teachings have long stated there are twelve dimensions in our world and in us. Modern science states there are at least ten and possibly eleven dimensions. Physics states that everything in the universe is made up of energy. Even though it can’t be seen, we are all part of an ever-changing interconnected energy field, where the past the present and the future exist at the same time, where all realities exist in a field of potentiality like beautiful fractal patterns or harmonic over tones, worlds hidden within worlds. We all contribute and affect this energy field and are affected by it, due to our every thought, action and intention. Everything that happens to us, every spoken word, every sound, every nice happening and every trauma is stored in our energy field to be processed. We deal with most of what is thrown at us in life but, we also ignore just as much either because we feel it isn’t worth bothering with or it can be too difficult, too hard for our ego to admit we were in the wrong or we need to change anything about us. Anything we don’t deal with builds up in our energy field and inhibits flow. This will lead to negative thought patterns, then emotional problems and given enough time will then descend into the physical body, creating dis-ease. We create our world, everything in it and ourselves, we are self-generating holograms.

Most of us are blindly repeating old programs and limiting belief systems that have been fed to us for eons of time, believing that it is all destiny, our lives are written in stone and the human condition is unchangeable. This is far from the truth but not to be relegated to conspiracy theory. Multidimensional reality and healing has been taught in the mystery schools for thousands of years and has been alluded to in hero quests, fairy tales, mythology and camp fire stories of the north American Indian and Australian Aboriginal elders. The epic journey where we have to go on great feats to win the maidens hand, where we have to go into the labyrinth and fight the minotaur. These are all referring to the healing journey we can take to change the human condition, to shatter the illusion of our predestined nihilistic existence.

Man’s evolution has advanced exponentially over the last two hundred years notwithstanding our comprehension of the human condition and the nature of dis-ease. Most natural and energetic healing therapies were classified as alternative at the turn of the millennium but are now redefined as complimentary. Each therapy has tried to prove itself according to the rigid principles set by conventional medicine only to fall short due to the fact that, what causes the dis-ease or more to the point what compromises the immune system allowing the dis-ease to manifest, can have many diverse causes and is usually different in individual cases. Complimentary therapies/energetic medicine has carefully picked its way through physical psychological and emotional triggers rebalancing the energy body to allow healing to occur. Each therapy worked within clearly defined parameters with predictable outcomes. Each therapy could be compared to a cleaning technique used to cleanse the ‘house’ of the self. Dusting, vacuuming, washing with different stronger and stronger cleaning products. Each room being a part of the self. The basement being our subconscious, the ground floor, how we are living what we are cooking up and what we are eating, the top floor, our sex life and relaxation how we are cleansing ourselves and the elimination process and, finally the loft, as our mind and thought process.

In 2015 a trilogy of eclipses started, with the last eclipse occurring in 2016, known as wave X. These were three very powerful energy, information and code downloads given to us by spirit to help our evolution. It doesn’t matter if you were not aware of it or even if you believe it happened, it has happened. Because of it man’s energy field has been ramped up, some three or four notches some two notches and the others one notch. I can compare this to a simple internet connection going to 2G then 4G and then 5G. Consequentially we can no longer be defined as the ‘quant little house’ we are now more comparable to a high-rise block of apartments and as such, use and carry a lot more energy. We really have entered a new paradigm. Where a quick vacuum and a bit of dusting would have done we now need more thorough cleansing and on many more levels. Obviously, you can clean one floor but the dirt and dust from the floors above and below soon mess it up again. Many people now find that their comfortable lives are now not as comfortable and are experiencing upset, change and conflict in many aspects of their life. Relationships, health and even employment are all now showing cracks. All that we turned a blind eye to, put up with, abuse, injustice, being taken advantage of, the lies, cheating, fraud, deception, theft, double dealing, bullying, pleasing others at the expense of self, are now coming to the surface to be expressed and cleared.

A major consequence of our energy bodies vibrating at a much higher rate is that most of us are now able to handle more healing energy and the treatments coming closer together, resulting in a quicker resolution to problems and profound change to our lives. Multidimensional healing is not restricted to 3D linear time. Under the old paradigm a healing treatment took about an hour. We now work in morning, afternoon or evening slots, not just healing one trauma or blockage at a time but sometimes many, across eons of time.


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March 2018


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