assemblage point

“Everything you think and everything you feel depends on the position of the Assemblage Point” -Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda).

The static or stationary assemblage point is what I refer to as the assemblage point and is a tube like bundle of light energy contained in our energy field that flows in through the front and out the back of the chest. The assemblage point is the centre of our consciousness and should be in the centre of our chest. The position of the assemblage point determines how we see, feel, perceive and behave in life.

Traumatic events, physical accidents and emotional upsets can and do dislodge the assemblage point from its centre, depending on how far it is displaced will govern the severity of any psychological or physical disease.

The assemblage point is different from the heart chakra although it exists in the same area, influencing the activity of the chakras, glands, organs and the immune system. It will also affect our complexion and body posture. In Chinese medicine a centred assemblage point will create strong Wei Qi (defensive energy), this helps us protect the body and regulates our body temperature.

The assemblage point can move off centre and even splinter into two or more places, depending on where it moves to, will actually determine the type of physical or psychological dis ease that will manifest to the point one can actually draw a map of ailments that they are likely to come down with.

Acupuncture, chiropractic and holistic treatments will all treat the physical, emotional or mental dis ease but if the treatments don’t hold, by this I mean the practitioner is treating the same symptoms over a prolonged period of time, just maintaining the condition and the client isn’t actually getting better then having one’s assemblage point realigned will almost certainly be the answer.

Ruby completed her assemblage point training with the founder of the College of Sound Healing Simon Heather (M.Soc.Sc. Lic.Ac. M.C.O.H.)


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