light language

We all speak at least one language and are probably aware of how the words are delivered as to how they are received, we can cheer people up with comforting words or scare people with anger in our voice. Some of these effects can still be sensed by us even if they are said in a foreign language we don’t understand,  we still feel the energy with which they are delivered.

Light language is more than a foreign language, it is a language of ascended healing masters(spirit).

As our language contains powerful words, ways to deliver them, tones, notes, syllables, vowels, mantras, chants, harmonics and spells, so does light language as well as more we still can’t comprehend.

Starting to understand light language and how profound sound is on so many levels, is all part of the human journey to unlock the secrets of the multiverse.

Light language contains healing sounds, light codes that open parts of our psych and reconnect us to skills we learnt in past lives, light codes that switch on dormant DNA and even repair damaged DNA, activation codes that open us up to new teachings and technologies and a lot more that is beyond this web site.

As always light language is sounded in a sacred space and in an altered state of consciousness. The therapist is a channel for the spirit guide that is sounding through them for their client and as such the therapist really does have to be as clear a channel as humanly possible as the human bodies can easily corrupt the light language coming through it. That doesn’t mean it will be harmful if not done properly, it just will not work, the light language codes are very precise keys if the key is not right it will not open the door, light language speaks directly to your soul and although light language can’t be interpreted by our intellect your soul understands the whole dialogue.

Light Language is a very important tool on its own, as a therapy or channelled as part of a treatment.


" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018

Light language

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