group voice & sound therapy.(BAST)


Ruby qualified in both Group Transformational Voice Dip and Group Sound Therapy Dip with Liz Coopers, British Academy of Sound Therapy in 2016. This school uses the profound principles of a unique formula/equation called the Cooper-Sax 5R’s model of experiential processing. The 5R’s are Release, Resistance, Resonance, Reflection and Responsibility. Those from a more spiritual back ground will probably associate these with the terms being called Letting Go, Blockage, Harmony, Mirroring/Shadow and Ownership.

Now very basically, In groups or individually using either the voice, instruments or both to create various harmonic or discordant sounds…

…dependent on the intent of the session, the individual will experience a reaction to the sound that can be categorised as one of the 5R’s. Each reaction will signify a potential response. For example if resistance is felt there is a potential for release, if release is felt there is a potential for clarity. The existence of any of the 5R responses to the sounds implies the need for us to work through the physical, emotional or psychological problem we set with our intent at the beginning of the session. This can lead to profound break throughs to problem areas of our lives. These sessions are facilitated in either of two ways, Passive Group sessions, where the facilitator creates the sounds you work with or Group Sessions with Participation, where the group joins in to create soundscapes or sonic art.

The Passive Group sessions are a wonderful way for individual healings to occur in a space where the energy is greater than the sum of its parts, where we can all gain from the individual sharing experience.

The Group Sessions with Participation are ideal for team bonding, for class’s, for likeminded people to come together, a great way to inspire creativity and confidence, to explore the power of sound using instruments and our voices with encouragement and fun.

These group sessions will be in the form of one day workshops using the principles of the 5Rs and a combination of any of the below listed techniques, to transform our lives.

Sound bath with Relaxation
Sound bath with Reflection
Soundscapes (Narrative / Literal)
Voicescape (Narrative/ Literal)
Voicescape with Reflection
Voice bath with Relaxation
Vocal Processing Techniques

When we let go of our perceptions of our voice, when we just play an instrument to see what sound we can create, when we let go of our conditioning we can truly immerse ourselves in the fun and creativity of the moment and have rewarding revelations about ourselves and our life, breaking through any limiting beliefs that might be impeding flow.


" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018

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