shamanic healing

Shamanism is an ancient healing practice that is unique to every individual and their illness. People consult with modern day shamanic practitioners for practical solutions to a range of issues – from severe and challenging health conditions to problems in everyday life.

When a person is sick, traditional doctors analyse the symptoms of the illness. Shamanic practitioners identify the energetic root of the issue and treat the imbalance that cause the symptoms. Accessing altered levels of consciousness, a shamanic practitioner mediates between the physical and spiritual world, directing and moving energy to restore harmony to the body as a whole. This could mean removing energies that cause harm or returning positive energies that have been blocked. 

Everyday health problems and the stresses of modern day life can take their toll on your body and mind. Shamanism offers a natural, cleansing and powerful alternative to traditional medicine, and short-term ‘quick fixes’ like medicinal drugs surgery and even alcohol, to return you to your best self. 

Shamanic practice has survived and flourished over thousands of years because of the value it adds to people’s life and long-term health. When you look at the benefits of a shamanic practitioner in healing, it’s easy to see why they are still revered in cultures around the world.

Then our numerology comes to our attention and we have to look at all the numbers and balance them. Then the 12 Archetypes of God, then all the cards of the Tarot Deck and balance all these energies. Then we have to develop balance on a spiritual, psychological and earthly level just to keep our four body system balanced.

New Shamballa gives us access to all 13 dimensions of this world and attuned to the spirits that we can work with from each dimension. We get help from the 144 zen masters, there are a lot more and 144 refers to the 12 body system and all their combinations of energy, similar to the 12 musical notes with their over and undertones 12 times 12 is 144. We get help for our highest good and purpose when we need it most, when we need to work with illusion, our ego and our shadows. Again at our pace and for our highest good and purpose, it is not important to finish first just finish when we are ready. All to help us find bliss, heaven on earth, inner peace, nirvana or SHAMBALLA.


It is the diamond light of unconditional love. With this comes absolute personal power, harmony and freedom. It is a way of being and living. As taught by the old Tibetan Buddhist tradition, it is the way of living our lives as a Spiritual Warrior. This means living consciously and with gentle loving discipline for ourselves.

It is a place in time and space that you could call a city of perfection, a place where all is LOVE, harmony and balance. It exists on all levels and is said to exist in the mountains of Tibet. 

It is where we can find all the rays of Creation, all the primordial energies which have been imbued in those beings we call the Ascended Masters.  It is the will and wisdom that enables God’s plan to unfold on earth and thus experience ourselves as greater beings of LOVE.

This workshop integrates you into all 13 dimensional vibrations of Shamballa’s pure diamond light and love, bringing in the energies of Shamballa and being attuned to each of the 13 dimensions.

It is a process that enables the participants to feel and experience the Shamballa Love that they hold on each of the 13 dimensions. 

This is a certificated workshop channelled by Christine & Kevin Core facilitated by Ruby Larimar whom is a Licensed New Shamballa Practitioner.


" I have been working with Ruby for some time and have seen some significant changes in my day to day wellbeing. The wonderful thing about working with Ruby is that I continue to have new and magical experiences in my healing journey. "

A May 2022

" I’ve been having regular healing sessions with Ruby. As I don’t live in UK, all of the sessions have been done via Zoom. When we started, I wasn’t sure how it’s going to look like and if it will feel as good as during the regular, in person session, but I have to say Ruby and her abilities blew my mind. "

K Gutkowska 2020

I loved discovering how I can connect to my ancestors and how to heal things that might still be influencing me and my family now. I’ve never really felt like I belong but doing this course changed that. "

Ancesteral Workshop - K Gutkowska 2020

" With Ruby, we have been able to get to the root cause of a number of persistent feelings and patterns of behaviour and I have gained knowledge and strategies to help me cope in a better way. Ruby has been so helpful and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services."

A MAY 2020

" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018


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