voice healing

Voice healing is the practice of using the voice as the delivery instrument of sounds used to heal. The human voice is the most versatile instrument ever designed and has the ability to reproduce any sound we can hear. The human voice has been used for thousands of years for healing y Siberian Shaman, Alaskan throat warblers, Hindu swamis and Tibetan monks to mention a few. Sound and the power of the voice isn’t anything new it has been kept secret due to the power it holds and the potential for misuse.

We now know that everything in the multiverse is made up of energy and as such, so are we. We usually associate sound with hearing as we sense sound as a pressure wave that travels through the air where it is picked up by our ears, but air is the poorest conductor for sound…

..water is 4 times more efficient at conducting sound and as we are over 70% water we actually feel sound on a much deeper level and it affects us more profoundly than we are aware of. Using techniques taught to me by The British Academy of Sound therapy (BAST) and The College of Sound Healing(COSH) I will sound combinations of notes tones vowels mantras intervals and harmonics to clear balance and realign any or all of the bodies allowing our own intelligent energy to flow at its optimum efficiency thus promoting healing. 


" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018


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