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Have you ever been aware of the nice or calm energy walking into some houses or building’s and the ones that have literally send shivers down your spine?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of controlling the four elements (earth water fire and air), the natural energy that flows through and around mother earth and us, that in excess or deficiency cause imbalance and potential illness. In the west it is known as geopathic stress and is linked more to electricity power lines and electromagnetic smog from our electronic hardware.

The four elements are also linked to the four cardinal directions, east-air, south-fire, west-water and north-earth. The elemental energy travels around the earth via ley lines also known as meridians, these meridians carry both positive and negative energies.

As with our own subtle energy bodies there are main lines/meridians and lesser lines that carry the flow of energy around the earth, some can be fixed to very definable routes some a little more mobile. The Chinese refer to these as dragon lines which can be benevolent or malevolent, positive or negative. A good example would be water flowing under a building that will wash away positive energy/chi. If we sleep in this area over time it can allow in disease. Another example is if the flow of water is blocked it could lead to the area getting too warm and drying out stopping anything from growing. The human body behaves in the same manner. I am sure you have been aware of the nice or calm energy you have felt walking into some houses or building and the ones that have literally sent shivers down your spine.

Many different types of cures and remedies are used such as crystals and copper rods, plants and metal objects infused with energy to disperse, redirect, boost or sedate an energy to bring balance back to an area or building. Crystals are used to do the same on the human organism to bring it back into balance.

Feng shui can be carried out at anytime of the year to restore balance to your body or space but the traditional time of energy shifts and the change of detrimental flying stars is on the Lunar Chinese New Year on the 4th of February this year 2018.

Ruby has been using Feng shui for over a decade in her own life with noticeable improvement in health wealth and wellbeing. She took her use of Feng shui to a new level when she decided to do Feng shui as her dissertation for her crystal therapy diploma and has been offering this service for four years with great success.


" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018

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