benefits of holistic sessions

I fundamentally believe in treating the person as a whole and values the benefits of holistic therapy which allows us to work on the mind, body and soul simultaneously to treat the person as a whole, rather than the symptoms.

When we are faced with difficulties in life, especially with the demands of the modern world, they can often lead us to being over committed and feeling drained of energy. These blockages in our energy field can deplete our vitality and often lead to ill-health and suffering.

The obvious benefits are those that help with physical disease pain discomfort rashes disability fatigue, inability to sleep, overweight, stress anger anxiety and the whole range of other ailments and negative mental and emotional reactions.

 I come from the belief system that says ‘everything happens for a reason’ and dis ease is a gift. These manifestations are a sign that there is a major imbalance in our world and if it is in the physical body, it has been out of sync for a very long time. The earlier warnings will come in the form of dreams, if we don’t understand these and work through them they will cause broken sleep as the dreams speak louder to catch our attention becoming more disturbing even nightmarish. If we don’t heed our dreams we then run the risk of using drugs or alcohol to get some form of sleep this can then spiral out of control and soon become an addiction. Any form of addiction whether drink drugs chocolate sex golf body building shopping basically anything that invokes obsessive behaviour anything we feel we have to do, can be classed as an addiction. These addictions are usually coping methods or avoidances, ways of blocking out what we consciously or subconsciously need to deal with, the things we don’t want to or cant face. These imbalances will then show in the mental body as likes and dislikes obsessive thoughts even voices. If they are not addressed at this level or are supressed with drugs they then descend into the emotional body and manifest as fear rage and anxiety. If it is not dealt with here it then travels down into the physical body showing first on the skin then travels deeper and deeper lastly affecting the heart or brain. This is how disease really affects us over a very long period of time we can take a quick fix or potion and feel a bit better for a while but it will come back in a different form until it is really dealt with. This is why those that are ill usually have a long history of illness, chronic illness.

Acute illness is classed as a sudden outbreak a cold, flu a viral or bacterial infection are milder examples of a stress factor, we can also class things like writers or creative block a loss of joie de vivre, as stress in your life. These can be things we do to ourselves or put in our bodies, environmental pollutants or the weather and of course things others do to us. The more traumatic the event the more severe the reaction.

Life is very complex and we all fall somewhere into this description at some point of our life. The sessions will be tailor made to either help with major health crisis’s, life coaching or spiritual development using one or a combination of the therapies offered to remove blockages, restore strength, stamina, equilibrium and inner peace.


" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018


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