The incredible power of the subconscious mind is often underestimated. Hypnotherapy helps you tap into your own natural healing and transformational capabilities. If you have an emotional or psychological problem, a bad habit you can’t break, or just want to feel better about yourself, hypnotherapy can help you make the desired changes. All you need is the motivation to change a condition you wish to resolve or to achieve a goal you wish to reach.

Hypnotherapy can help with physical ailments, entrenched habits and addictions as well as emotional and anxiety issues. Holistic Ruby has worked with many clients over the last 6 years and helped them deal successfully with the various issues arising in their lives using Hypnotherapy. The four key areas that holistic Ruby specialises in, but they are by no means a definitive list are Quit Smoking, Stress & Anxiety, Transforming Limiting Beliefs & Addictions.

According to research 85% of people respond at some level to clinical hypnotherapy. While some individuals are destined to be more likely to respond to hypnotherapy than others, a key factor is having confidence and belief that the technique is valid and helps. This belief that change is possible as a result of hypnotherapy is really important when coupled with the fact that you as an individual have the motivation to make it. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your options, Holistic Ruby is more than happy to work with you to turn your ambition and desire into a true reality.


" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018

hypnotherapy session prices

£90 per session – Duration 1½ hrs
Except quit smoking and weight control
Weight control or quit smoking – £240 – Duration 3 hours


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London SW16 5YP

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