sound healing

Everything in the multi-verse has a vibration a frequency and a sound. We are no different. Everything has a complementary sound and an opposing sound. An example is if you play the right opposing note at a glass it will shatter. Everything has an optimal and a degenerative frequency. The more complex an object the harder it is to keep in balance. We can look at our motor cars as an example, if we don’t look after them and maintain them they soon break down. The human body is the most complex object on this earth. It isn’t just limited to the description of anatomy and physiology, regardless of what your belief system is, the human animal is a twelve dimensional being.

When the body is in perfect balance it is truly remarkable, capable of amazing physical and mental feats and as a species we are still developing. If we look at the body limited to the level of anatomy and physiology we can compare…

 …it to a very large orchestra, when it is all in tune and in time it will play beautiful music, if it is out of sync it will be a cacophony. In fact, we should compare ourselves to twelve orchestras playing at different, clearly defined, graduated frequencies but just like the twelve octave system of our musical scale all have an effect on each other.

Each organ each gland and each body part works at an optimal level within a definable frequency. Most of our body works within 320nm to 760nm range. This can be further defined within the twelve octave musical scale. Each organ and each gland work with and balance each other similar to the left and right brain. Each organ and gland also belong to a specific body system e.g. reproductive system digestive system etc. Each system is governed by an endocrine gland. Each endocrine gland is governed by a chakra that has a specific colour frequency vibration note mantra and syllable and works within a specific geometric law.

We are aware how music affects us but a little less aware how the other noises of life affect us and have even less awareness how everything we do every emotion every thought has profound effects on us. We also have no idea how we block energy flow when we don’t express emotions thoughts and feelings. We are affected by the food the water and everything else we put into our bodies. The human body is an amazing instrument but if mistreated for long enough it will go wrong.

Sound is one of the most powerful tools we have in healing the body. It has been around since the beginning of time, used by Alaskan throat warblers Tibetan monks and Hindu swamis whom use the most versatile instrument available, the human voice. We in the west use both the voice and every instrument available on their own and in combination to create pure notes, intervals both discordant and resonant to clear sedate boost or balance energy to bring the body back to health and optimal order.

Ruby is a Teacher and accredited member of COSH (college of sound healing) CMA registered.


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Paul - Project Support Worker

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March 2018


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