angelic reiki® accredited courses

Ruby is an internationally registered Angelic Reiki® master practitioner and teacher. Her Journey with Angelic Reiki® provided a solid foundation to connect with the Angelic Kingdom, allowing her to embrace the divine spark that exists in each one of us and to follow the path of self-mastery, recognizing that we do not have to be defined by our traumas or our past experiences.

Angelic Reiki® is a recognized healing modality channelled by Kevin & Christine Core. It provides a very powerful tool for self-development and ascension. It takes it’s lineage from Usui Reiki, New Shamballa, The Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation and Tibetan Reiki.

Angelic Reiki® is one of the highest and purest forms of spiritual healing currently available at this time and it is most definitely the healing of our time, helping and supporting us on earth with all the energy shifts we are experiencing during this period of human development. Angelic Reiki is commonly described as a form of spiritual healing that uses symbols. When Angelic Reiki was channelled, other forms of reiki used about 6 symbols, this was all that mankind could integrate. Angelic Reiki has now been tasked with disseminating over 20 symbols. This might not mean much to most of us due to our rather 2 dimensional way of perceiving a symbol, we write or draw a 2 dimensional symbol, letter or shape on a flat piece of paper and see it as 2 dimensional when in fact that is a 2D representation of a 6D multi dimensional geometric light code that contains not only energy but enough information to fill a large part of a modern library. Angelic Reiki has one other big difference, that being, the symbols are disseminated in their unadulterated form through the 4D soul kingdom by the Angelic.  

Angelic Reiki® acts on a deep level to rebalance and harmonize your energy. One of the ways it produces profound effects is by removing blockages and shifting old, entrenched thought patterns that are no longer in tune with your Divine Blueprint, then balance energy on all levels, in both, our inner and outer worlds. It can be a catalyst for positive change and produce  profound results.

For more information on Angelic Reiki® please feel free to visit the International Angelic Reiki Magic web site.

These courses are taught by Ruby who is an internationally registered Angelic Reiki® practitioner and Master Teacher.

levels 1 and 2

Attunements to the pure angelic vibration of Reiki | DNA Activation | Clearing Assistance in achieving change | Archangel initiation | Plus lots more

DATES 2023:

3rd June & 4th June 10am -6.30pm


13th & 14th July 10am – 6.30pm

DURATION: 2 DAYS (18hrs)
PRICE: £252 Deposit £50 

levels 3 and 4

Initiated into the master energy | 2 New Attunements to the pure angelic vibration of Reiki | cutting karmic ties | help in achieving change + much more…

DATES 2023:

15th July 10am – 7pm


16th July 10am – 6.30pm

DURATION: 2 DAYS (17hrs)
PRICE: £360 Deposit £50


Advance your knowledge | Practical guidance on setting up your own practice | New Attunements to the pure angelic vibration of Reiki | Advanced healing techniques | plus much more.

This course has two parts. Book Part 2 on completion of Part 1.

DATES 2023:

PART 1:  Autumn TBC

DURATION: PART 1 – 2 days
PRICE: PART 1 £210 | PART 2 £90    Deposit £50

master teacher


 Deepening the connection | Learn to teach this healing modality to others | Master of our OWN spiritual Journey plus much more


 DATES 2023:

  Autumn TBC


 LOCATION: London SW16
PRICE: £390 Deposit £50 



" Ruby offers Hope & is highly recommended for that alone "

Paul - Project Support Worker

 St Mungos

March 2018


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