tuning forks

Tuning forks are very accurately tuned instruments that were originally made to be a mobile set of constants that someone could travel the country tuning pianos and other musical instruments.

As our understanding of sound and the human body has expanded so has the use of tuning forks. Although we don’t need a full set of 144 forks as for a grand piano, each vertebrae and nerve ganglia on the spine has a very specific vibration and frequency, each chakra has a very specific note and each organ has an optimum frequency range. The tuning forks are used the same as other instruments to clear sedate or boost energy to bring the body back to health but unlike gongs that use heavy more bass sounds tuning forks use more high frequency purer sounds.

The forks can be played in the aura around the body or in cases of painful blockages the handle or base of the fork is placed on the body until energy flow is once again reinstated. The tuning forks are used in one to one sessions to bring balance back to the recipient.


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