Crystal Healing

See how crystal healing can benefit your emotional and physical well being

Are you feeling off balanced and out of touch with your spirituality? Maybe you feel rushed and chaotic and want to feel calm and restored? Perhaps you’ve always had an interest in crystals and want to see if you can benefit from their wonderful healing powers? If so, Holistic Ruby can offer her crystal healing treatment to you.

So, how does the treatment work?

As with all treatments, Ruby will take the time to sit with you and teach you more about the subject. By placing particular crystals on the body and surrounding areas, you will soon feel a sense of peace and calm as the crystals emit tiny electrical impulses.

These impulses are picked up and received by the body’s neurological and subtle energy systems, and helps to restore peace and harmony once again. The aim of the session is to bring a sense of calm, peace and unconditional love so you can become reconnected and balanced.

If you would like to learn more about this, or any other treatments that Ruby offers, you can get in touch to find out more.

Follow the steps on her booking form to find the treatment you require and a suitable time and date.